Fedora Core 4 x86_64 Linux on Compaq R4000 Laptop

The majority of the hardware worked out of the box, the WXGA (1280 x 800) screen needs to be manually frigged into the X configuration. Only the wireless adapter and the memory-card reader are unsupported by the base install.
I got the wireless adapter (Broadcom BCM4318 PCI id 14E4:4318) working using ndiswrapper 1.8 from ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net, it built & installed cleanly into my 64-bit kernel. However, this means you must use 64-bit Windows Device Drivers. Thankfully the List mentions a similar attempt on a HP (HP/Compaq same thing) AMD64 laptop – it works!!
The memory-card reader seems to be harder to get working with mixed reports of success / failure. It appears to be a Texas Instruments PCIxx21, PCI device id 104C:8033 & 104C:8034.
And for my next trick…


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  1. Hi! It is difficult to find info about linux in this laptop model. I have one. Did you tried mandriva ? At Fedora did needed to install the ATI RPM driver or the X is working well?

  2. vito avatar

    hello.. I have a problem with finding 64 bit driver for the broadcom pci wireless card…. could you help me with sending that driver or telling me where to find it…

  3. Sure, there is a howto on fedoranews.org
    Good Luck!!

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