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A passionate innovator with a wealth of experience in bringing new technology to bear on complex business challenges.  Strong communication skills and able to present abstract concepts in an accessible way to all organisational levels. 

Michael has deep experience of the Hadoop ecosystem since building one of the UK’s earliest Hadoop Clusters for BSkyB in 2008 after successfully pitching CXO management for innovation funding to explore the tools and techniques which have now become known as ‘Big Data’.

He has real world experience of training predictive models from huge multi terabyte data sets across diverse business use cases as: automated fraud detection, fault prediction and classification, recommendations, click-stream analysis, large scale business simulations and modelling.

Michael was an invited speaker on machine learning at Hadoop World in New York. He is well connected into the open-source ecosystem and is a regular speaker at Data Science and Big Data events in London.

Key Skills

  • Data Driven Strategy – Able to use data & analysis to influence the decision making process in large corporations towards strategies that drive value.
  • Featurisation & Modelling – Collaborate with domain experts and apply their knowledge to data featurisation & machine learning model development delivering more relevant results and conclusions.
  • Analysis & Algorithms – Discover patterns, formulate and test hypotheses, translate results into strategies that drive growth resulting in increased revenues and customer satisfaction.
  • Communication & Visualisation – Experienced in presenting in an accessible way to stakeholders and colleagues alike to gain their support for data-driven initiatives and strategies.

Technical Skills